Journey to be a Data Scientist

What is Data Science

Data science is a “concept to unify statistics, data analysis, machine learning and their related methods” in order to “understand and analyze actual phenomena” with data.

 Data Science has transformed our society. Data Science gives meaning to data. It converts crude data into meaningful products that can be used by industries to generate insights and recognize market trends.

Here are the few reason why one should learn data science.

  • It becomes the top most priority for all the renowned organizations
  • Increases your job prospectus
  • Huge pay for data science analytics professionals is a plus point
  • Data scientists are omnipresent
  • Various job designations for the data science analysts
  • Greatest advantage of remaining in core of decision-making process of the company
  • It also opens the door for the freelancing opportunities
  • Data science And analysts are taking over the world much more as expected

Data Science Curriculum

Our DATA Science Content covers Statistics, R, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Tablue

Module 1-


R Basic Concepts

Statistical Data


Module 2-

R in Detail

Module 3-

Basic Statistics

Inferential Statistics

Module 4-

Predictive Modeling

Module 5-

Machine Leaning with R

Module 6-

Analytics with Tableau

Our Data Science Experts

Our Data Scientist

Mr. Tapas

  • Tapas has 10+ years of experience in data science, BI and data analytics fields.
  • Tapas holds a Masters in Data Science degree from the University of Auckland, NewZealand.
  • He has experience in establishing and managing projects in Data Science , Analytics, Data Management and Integration, Data Visualization, Data Quality, and Business Intelligence.
  • With experience working in both Startup and Fortune Top 6 organizations, he is an excellent communicator and loves to provide thoughtful, caring and long term mentorship.
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