VLSI Training

Existence of gap between VLSI/Semiconductor industry and engineering colleges and universities does not allow fresh engineering graduates to enter their dream electronic jobs. Industry experts and experienced person helps in creating the bridge to make fresher’s to connect to the industry. We are the pool of industry experts and experienced professional who can fill up the gap.

Focus Training Services provides full fledged VLSI training including both front end and back end.

Front end VLSI training includes VHDL, Verilog HDL and System Verilog. Using industry standard language we implement RTL design, STA, ATPG, DFT, FPGA prototyping etc.

In front end verification Verilog and System Verilog is taken to cover the design verification.

ASIC verification, Formal Verification, timing closure etc are the area which are covered in our VLSI front end verification.

Our VLSI training in front end verification include methodologies such as UVM, OVM, VMM.

VLSI training in back end department requires industry oriented tool and related concept.

Physical design, Layout design, Intellectual property development etc are the modules which are covered in VLSI training in back end department.


VLSI Course Outline

  • VHDL

  • Verilog

  • System Verilog